About Us

We can help with all of your real estate needs across the southeast region. Our offices are located in Augusta GA, Chattanooga TN, Charleston SC, and Columbia SC.

Our sales team has completed over 1,500 investment property sales transactions in the last 5 years exceeding $110 million in total volume

Why Choose Auben? 

There are many benefits to choosing Auben Realty for your real estate needs but the main benefits can be summed up by an acronym for real estate investing, REI.

  • Relationships: We have an extensive network of relationships in your local market. We have an established presence in the local estate investment organizations such as REIA and NARPM as well as with traditional real estate brokerages. This allows our agents to find deals and sell homes faster than traditional real estate brokerages.
  • Expert Market Knowledge: We know your local market and can provide unique insight into what is a good investment opportunity for you. Our team strives to continually learn about our clients in order to custom tailor their investing experience.
  • Investment Focused: We believe that every real estate transaction is an investment. Whether you are buying one family home or a list of properties intended for lease, our agents have extensive real estate investing knowledge and can guide you through the process. Because many are real estate investors themselves, they know what it takes to find a good investment that maximizes your return.


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